Quarantine Supplies Needed? FishSki's Got You!

It's been seven days now since we have been asked to stay home. It's been seven days since we have been avoiding people to keep ourselves, and others, safe from potential exposure to the Corona Virus. It's been seven days of relying on just those within our home for entertainment and confidence that everything will be ok. 

FishSki dogs Violet and Aster snuggle

In these seven days we have seen a demand for FishSki to step up. Sometimes when the world is bit off kilter what do we find is the best cure? Easy to make comfort food. We are here to make sure you get shelf stable comfort food delivered to your door so you can enjoy these days at home.

Ditch The Freeze Dried Food

Our three recipes: Green and red chile macaroni and cheeses, and our jalepeño grits, are the perfect emergency food supply. Instead of freeze dried food, we provide survival food kits that taste delicious! Inspired by our love for Southwestern cuisine, each of our recipes fit perfectly for that prepper food mindset. All of these recipes are available also on Amazon Prime and Walmart.com for your online grocery shopping.

And don't deny it, you're wondering too, is seven days going to be fourteen? Thirty? How long are we hanging out at home creatively finding ways to entertain one another? Since our food is made of air dried ingredients (not dehydrated foods) we make foods with long shelf life. Providing you with many meals to fulfill your quarantine supplies that are even easier than recommendations your seeing in the news. And all you need is water to make our foods, no butter or milk necessary.

FishSki easy to make Hatch Chile mac and cheese

A Delicious Alternative to Emergency Food

So let FishSki help bring you and your family a delicious quarantine meal. We are now offering a large quantity variety box called our Pantry Pack. Enjoy this alternative spread for your next days at home.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!