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World's Greatest Macaroni & Cheese


Hatch Red Chile

Macaroni and cheese with cheddar, Hatch red chile, and bell peppers. A mild, warming meal that fills you up!

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Hatch Green Chile

Macaroni and cheese with cheddar, Hatch green chile, and garlic. A medium spicy delight, full of Southwestern flavor.

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About Our Mac

FishSki Provisions provides comfort food with adventurous flavors to inspire bolder living. There is nothing better than a long day fly fishing, running a river, backpacking to a high mountain lake, or skiing fresh powder followed by sharing a wholesome, healthy - usually a little spicy-  interesting meal with friends and family.

Our mac and cheese is made with GMO Free pasta and peppers, real cheese, and the best Hatch Chile. It’s portable and packable to take with you on your next adventure (unlike the typical boxed mac and cheese). We hope our foods inspire you to eat more adventurously and be more adventurous.

At least 1% of every sale is donated to conservation and recreational access. Current FishSki sales are supporting stream restoration efforts by the Boulder FlyCasters Chapter of Trout Unlimited.