FishSki Provisions is committed to making the best tasting Mountain Southwest foods possible and using our sales to ensure that we always have great waters to fish, mountains to climb, and snow to ski. 

Fresh SpicesFishSki provides healthy foods made with real ingredients: In order to make the best tasting foods you need the best ingredients. We use GMO Free pasta, milk, and peppers; New Mexico Grown Chile; real rBST free cheese; and gluten free, heritage corn grits from the Four Corners. All our recipes have no artificial flavors or fake colors.

FishSki fresh ingredients Hatch green chilesWe are 100% Solar Powered. We will continue to source, pack, and transport our foods in the most environmentally responsible manners possible. All our bags are recyclable and we take every opportunity to recycle and compost. We are currently looking for responsible biodegradable, or compostable, shelf stable packaging - let us know if you have our future packaging! 

Trout Ice FishingAnd most importantly we use our business to conserve and protect our outdoor heritage. At least 3% of every sale is donated to conservation and recreational access. Current FishSki Provisions sales are supporting volunteer skiing and hiking access efforts and conservation awareness in Northern New Mexico.