Hatch Chile

What is Hatch Chile?

Of all the chile grown in New Mexico, Hatch Chile is the greatest. It is great because of the chile's unique lineage, climate, and land where it grows. 

Hatch Chile was developed from at least 14 lineages of peppers grown by pueblo and hispano communities in New Mexico and southern Colorado. Hatch Chiles were bred from fleshier and larger peppers originally developed for canning. Fabián Garcia, at New Mexico State University in 1894 is credited with developing the pioneer lineage.


Hatch Chile - Raw - Red and Green

The Hatch Valley is the claimed "Chile Capital of the World." The whole of the valley sits at 4,000 feet or above. The high elevation valley has cool nights and long hot sunny days that develop the unique flavor in Hatch Chiles. The valley stretches along the Rio Grande River from Arrey, New Mexico in the north to Tonuco Mountain southeast of Hatch, New Mexico. The Hatch Valley has fertile volcanic soil perfect for growing chiles irrigated with water from the Rio Grande. 

Red Hatch Chile or Green Hatch Chile?

"Red or green?" is the official New Mexico state question. The question refers to you chile preference. Should you want both the correct answer is "Christmas." The red chile is the matured green chile and depending on conditions can develop a sweet and/or nutty taste.

So why does FishSki love Hatch Chile so much?

FishSki Mac and cheese with Hatch Chile

If you haven't tried Hatch Chile, it's ok, but you should asap. Hatch Chile is truly one of the world's most wonderful foods. Subtly sweet, sometimes smoky, crisp, a little spicy - there is no other flavor in the universe like Hatch Chile. All of FishSki's ingredients are far better than what you find in boxed mac and cheese and space man camping meals but the Hatch Chile is the real star. We believe our chiles are the true magic behind our FishSki recipes. Eat Hatch Chile, Eat FishSki Mac and Cheese!

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