Backcountry and Ultralight Cooking Directions

Both our grits and mac n cheese were originally backpacking and rafting recipes of ours. We use only high quality ingredients and as such our meals were created to be made with just boiling water and easily (no straining). We stay away from using freeze dried ingredients as they are prone to give you 'trail belly' (upset stomach) and often are lower quality vegetables sourced from overseas. While our meals may require you to boil water longer than your standard freeze dried camping meal (Mountain House, Backpackers Pantry, Peak Refuel, etc.) you can cook our meals with untreated water and the cook/boil time is above the recommended to kill beaver fever - Giardia cysts.


Our Suggested Backcountry Preparation

Both the Mac and Cheese and Grits Bags have water measuring lines on the sides of the bags. Our Macaroni and Cheese requires 2 cups of boiling water and 3 cups for the grits. Prepare the meals according to directions on the back of the bags: boil water, add pasta or grits and peppers, turn down heat and cook until ready / thickened. 

To minimize dishes / camp clean-up add the cheese and spice packet with pasta, grits, or peppers to the vessel you will be eating out of. When solo backpacking or hunting light we cook in a jetboil (the medium/ largish metal jet boil steel canister fit meals perfectly) and eat directly out of the canister. With a group of friends or family we'll bring a cook pot (small msr backpacking pot) and cook in there, then serve to others. If not eating plain, summer sausage, spam, canned sockeye salmon all are favorites mixed in for an elevated backcountry meal.

If your fortunate enough to be somewhere with a healthy supply of brook trout, there are few things in the world better than fresh brook trout with a little old bay seasoning and our grits for dinner near a high mountain lake or stream. 


Can I Cook FishSki Meals In The Bag

We do not recommend you cook our meals in the bag (though plenty have prepared in the bag). Our bags are made of recycled and recyclable plastic. We don't like plastic in our food, we'd rather have boiling water in a pot than a bag (any bag), because it might leach chemicals. If you insist on eating out of the bag (which again we don't recommend) it has been done by preparing the pasta, or grits, and peppers in a pot. When pasta, grits, peppers are cooked let them cool, then pour or spoon grits and pasta with peppers into the bag. Add cheese and spices and mix thoroughly before eating- Enjoy!! 


FishSki Provisions Backcountry Backpacking Meals