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FishSki Provisions Pantry Pack

FishSki Provisions Pantry Pack

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Need to stock back up the shelves? Our Pantry Pack includes four bags of each of our easy to make meals: Hatch Green and Red Chile Cheddar Macaroni and Cheeses, and our Hatch Green Chile Jalapeño Cheddar Grits.

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Packed in recyclable, portable and packable, weather resistant bags.

As always 3% of every sale is donated to local conservation or access efforts that improve fishing and/or skiing.

Shipping is included; shipping is typically USPS Priority. 


Foods With Long Shelf Life

These family friendly foods are great for an easy dinner, alternative side, or an emergency meal. FishSki's recipes go great with a side of fresh meat or produce, or canned foods like Spam, beef or veggies. Making this an excellent shelf stable option if you're hoping to stock up. Who knows maybe you're getting some prepper food, worried you won't have that emergency food supply you need. Or just interested in some mountain house foods for your cabin retreat.

Foods with a long shelf life help you relax and not worry about getting groceries or, in more extreme cases: survival foods to stock up on. All of our recipes only require water to make, meaning no need for perishables like milk and butter. If you're looking? We are the best survival food. So stock up with the Pantry Pack.


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