Fishing AND Skiing! All In One Day.

Our two favorite sports are fishing and skiing. When the weather is willing, we try and do both in one day. It's a great way to get outside, enjoy some outdoor fresh air, and if you're still concerned about spreading germs: you can easily social distance yourself.

An Outdoor Adventure

Looking for outdoor activity ideas? Well pack the fishing rod, pack the skis, and head to the mountains. Many of the national forests in the Southwest (a few mountain Southwestern states include Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah) have lakes with mountains. It's just a simple fact: Mountain snow runoff feeds streams and lakes. The native trout to the Colorado area are greenbacks and Colorado River cutthroat, but early settlers stocked non-native species of trout as well (read more about efforts to protect Rocky Mountain Fish).

March happens to be the snowiest season in the Southwest, and by the end of the month you have warmer longer days forming nice corn meal snow, and just enough exposed water to drop a line! If you go back country skiing make sure to check the avalanche report, it's important to be safe.

Fishing and Skiing Video by FishSki

We thought it would be fun to show off our day of getting outside and enjoying spring skiing and spring fishing. 


Let's go fishing and skiing! This day of fishing and skiing was up in Wyoming in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest.

Born From A Camping Food Hack

Why are we named FishSki? Those are our two favorite sports, and we started FishSki Provisions to not only bring the flavors of the Southwest to you, but to also support recreational access and conservation efforts to ensure great skiing and fishing for years to come. At least 3% of every sale is donated to different organizations like local Boulder, CO chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Rob and Tania McCormack (co-founders of FishSki) are avid outdoor enthusiasts. We spend almost all weekends camping, and we really believe in delicious camping food recipes that are super easy to make meals. Our friends love good food too, and we believe in camping for foodies. We have made it all from Thanksgiving meals, to Korean BBQ with just fires and small stoves. Our first recipe our Hatch Green Chile Mac and Cheese was one of our favorite camping recipes. 

Camping food ideas for large groups, chile mac and cheese from FishSki

Even though you can enjoy FishSki anywhere (easy at home dinner, lunch ideas at work, or outdoor cooking) we make sure our packaging supports camping food storage - keeping it sealed from moisture - as well as lightweight, shelf stable, and helpful (we have a measuring cup line for water, as well as no extra ingredients needed besides water). Stock up for your next camping trip today!