Our Camping Recipe

We spend a lot of time in the outdoors and always eat well. Our Hatch green chile, cheddar, garlic, mac and cheese was first developed for a backbacking and flyfishing trip meal. The first iterations of the camping recipe included canned chile and lame boxed mac packed in a ziploc bag. Since then we've greatly improved on the recipe and packaging, as well as developed our Hatch red chile, bell pepper, garlic, cheddar mac and cheese.

Today FishSki Provisions mac and cheese contains the best ingredients, requires just two cups of water and no straining to make, and is packed in a portable, weather resistant, recyclable poly bag. The bag also has a marker for 2 cups making it easy to measure at a campsite or in the backcountry.  

Camping meal, fireside fishski, fireside meal

Unlike dehydrated space man camping food, FishSki camping recipes include real ingredients that are free from artificial preservatives and colors. FishSki mac and cheese contains GMO-free air dried peppers, the best seasoning, real dried cheese from mid-western farms, and high protein GMO- free durum semolina pasta. All ingredients besides tropical growing spices were grown or farmed in the U.S.A. 

FishSki Provisions is campfire food at its finest, paired perfectly after a long day fishing, skiing, hiking, rafting, hunting, or biking. Next time you hit the trail, float a river, take out the camper / RV, or visit your cabin be sure to bring Fish Ski Provisions mac and cheese along for your camping food. 

Finally, FishSki Provisions is committed to ensuring we continue to have great outdoor adventures. Fishski dedicates more than 1% of every sale to grassroots conservation and public access efforts so that we all can enjoy our favorite outdoor adventures. 

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