New Mexico's Cookie: Biscochitos

As we continue to fall further in love with foods from the Southwest, especially recipes from New Mexico, I (co-founder Tania McCormack) have been experimenting with sweets too! I recently tried to make the very popular Biscochitos of New Mexico.

Biscochitos made by FishSki Provisions

As the state cookie, this treat is filled with very interesting Southwestern flavors like anise, orange zest, and cinnamon. Together these flavors are a fantastic Southwestern food idea. I followed a Biscochito recipe from the blog Some the Wiser. Allison does a great job explaining what to look for in consistencies and baking. Her recipe is super easy to follow with great photos too.

Biscochitos cooling dough is colorful and fresh cookies delicious

This Biscochito recipe makes a lot of cookies! I think I made about thirty. So make sure you have enough pans and hands ready to help. The final product? Well see for yourself:

Biscochitos made fresh by FishSki Provisions the New Mexico state cookie

I'm enjoying my Biscochitos with a warm cup of tea or coffee. These cookies remind me of a more zesty shortbread. The flavors are just the right balance of interesting and sweet. An alternative Biscochito recipe I hope to try is from the New Mexico Magazine. This one calls for whiskey!