FishSki in Vietnam: Eat for an Adventure!

We recently got back from a trip to Vietnam. Vietnam has some of the greatest, if not the best, eats we've ever discovered in our travels. Below are some of our favorite bites including a pork, mushroom and quail egg bun; bun thit nuong; pho bo; Oc in lemongrass and chilis; bun bo hue (Rob's favorite!); Com Hen (Tania's favorite!); banh mi; banh beo; chicken rice; banh xeo; and mi quang. We highly recommend a trip to Vietnam for it's amazing people, interesting (albeit sometimes difficult history), beautiful landscape, and of course outstanding food!


Check out the video too!


Pork bun with quail egg
Noodle bowl
Pho noodle bowl
Street food pho chefSnails escargot VietnameseBún bò HuếChristmas Eve celebrations at the street food marketsBún bò Huế for breakfastVietnamese restaurantVietnamese food market meat stalltapioca ballsCơm Hến (Vietnamese Clams Cooked with Rice)bahn mi standBánh Bèo (shrimp tapioca bowls)Banh Bot Lac (shrimp tapioca cooked in a banana leaf)Banh Xeo (seafood pancake)Fresh oysters from South China SeaBánh Tráng Nướng (Vietnamese Pizza)Cao Lầu – Hoi An Noodle bowl with porkCom Ga (Hoi An chicken with long rice)fish marketBanana pancakeBanh Mi (street food Vietnamese sandwich)Bánh xèo (Vietnamese pancake with shrimp and pork)Hen Tron (mussels with peanuts)Banana leaf cooking fishBanh Bo Wei (noodle bowl with spice and pork)Cao Lầu – Hoi An Noodle bowl with pork and quail eggsChicken noodle bowlRob eating chicken noodle bowlChe (Vietnamese sticky dessert rice)Seafood restaurant filled with night crowdTapioca root eaten by the Viet Con tunnel fightersSoup Lady's spring rolls and fried shrimp cakesSoup Lady's Bon Bo WeiVietnamese Banh Xeo smaller Saigon styleBalut (Vietnamese fetal duck egg)The last bowl of pho