FishSki in Taiwan: Eat for an Adventure!

FishSki was lucky enough to bring in the new year with an extended layover in Taipei, Taiwan. We took this opportunity to spend 24 hours exploring Taiwan's food scene including street food, the famous five star Din Tai Fung, dim sum, oyster omelets and more. We knew Taiwan had amazing street food but the amount of street food was an overwhelming surprise to us both- It is literally everywhere. We spent New Years Eve cruising vendor to vendor and trying many different bites. Our favorites were the takoyaki,  oyster omelets, fried chicken, and scallion pancakes.

However, our most fantastic meal was our dinner at Din Tai Fung where we enjoyed col spicy tripe, hand pulled beef noodles, truffle soup dumplings, hot and sour soup, shumai, and more. Cruise our photos below to see what Taipei has to offer! Or watch the full video on our YouTube channel.

Fried octopus ballsPick a meat Taipei street foodFried octopus balls TaiwaneseDin Tai Fung tripe dim sum Din Tai Fung scallion noodles with beefDin Tai Fung dumplings with hot soupDin Tai Fung Hot and Sour SoupDin Tai Fung Truffle soup dumplingDin Tai Fung dumplingsDin Tai Fung chefs workingDin Tai Fung line outsideTaipei street food grilling meat blow torchTaipei street food turnip cakeTurnip cakeTaipei Taiwan street foodTaiwanese breafest chefTaiwanese breakfastTaiwanese omelet wrapped in scallion pancakeOyster pancake Taiwanese street foodTaiwanese supermarket muschrooms
Rob eating oyster pancake Taiwanese street foodOyster pancake
Aquatic Addiction Taipei Aquatic Addiction seafood platterAquatic Addiction roe and tuna sushiTaipei street food lobster with cheeseTaipei street food scallion pancakeSesame ball Chinese food