FishSki Chef Rob's Green Chile Stew

Rob will admit any day his favorite food in the world is green chile. He will put roasted chiles on anything. My favorite of his chile recipes is his homemade green chile stew.

I wish there was a formal recipe I could share, but I'm pretty sure Rob mixes it up every time based on what we have at home. So here's the rough list based on today's version:

Green chile stew ingredients

  • Chopped onion
  • Diced garlic
  • Roasted green chiles (usually Hatch Chile, but we also have some Pueblo Chiles on hand too)
  • Cubed pork meat
  • Flour
  • Chicken broth
  • Spices: salt, pepper, cumin
  • Olive oil
  • Can of diced tomatoes
  • Flour

Rob's green chile stew - making It

I watched Rob this time to share his chef madness with you all. He started with the pork loin tip we bought on sale at Safeway. After adding a good dose of olive oil to the pan (enough to spread across an even coat), he chopped the pork and browned it in the bottom of our dutch oven pan over a medium flame. Be careful not to overcook because the pork will continue to cook in the broth.

Rob adds chopped pork loin tip to FishSki Green chile stew with hatch chiles

He then chopped three small yellow onions and added to the pan. He let the onions sweat for about a minute. He then added the canned tomatoes and stirred. Next was the green chiles.

Chopped onions sweat in olive oil for FishSki green chile stew with hatch chiles

Adding the green chiles

We stock up our freezer every fall with fresh roasted chiles. Which yes, you can freeze hatch chile peppers. They stay great all year until chile roasting season is back late summer early fall (Hatch Chile season is beginning of August through end of September, learn more). We usually bag the chiles in small zip loc bags for easy defrosting usage.

Chopped hatch green chiles with garlic ready for FishSki green chile stew

When you get your chiles roasted you can ask for garlic in there. We usually do. The bag Rob defrosted had roasted garlic, I estimate about six cloves of garlic. He then chopped the chiles and garlic and added them to the stew!

A stew needs broth

Rob added one 32 oz container of chicken broth to the green chile stew. He then sprinkled in some salt, black pepper and a dash of cumin. He also put in some tablespoons of flour (about 3). Now the Green Chile was a stew!

FishSki green chile stew with Hatch chiles is ready to cook

Now warning if you aren't used to spice, Hatch Chile (and most varieties of green chiles) can be very spicy depending on the type, and the temperature during pepper growth. As it tends to happen when Rob makes his chile, the first iteration was SPICY!

So he added another 32 oz of chicken broth, and a few more tablespoons of flour.

Make it your own stew

I was light on the directions and amounts because the best part about green chile stew is making it your own. Start with what I shared above but taste it as you go. Does it need more salt? Or more garlic? Add! It gets better every time you make it, we promise.

FishSki chef robert makes green chile stew from scratch