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A Chef Cooks @ Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument

Taos, New Mexico is FishSki's second home. We recently started selling in two outstanding stores in the area: Taos Mountain Outfitters in Taos and Sol Market in Arroyo Seco. The Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument is the big draw for our visits and for others from all around the world. Rio Grande Del Norte anchors the Taos landscape and has some incredible whitewater, fishing, hot springs, and wildlife. We recently got to spend sometime at Rio Grande Del Norte with A Chef and filmed Episode #2 of FishSki Provisions video series A Chef Cooks on Public Lands:


Just after we left Taos, Interior Secretary Zinke shared a report to Congress recommending shrinking the size and altering uses at Rio Grande Del Norte and other National Monuments. We love Rio Grande Del Norte and would not be selling our mac and cheese in Northern New Mexico without the tourism to the National Monument. In addition to our new video that hopefully highlights the beauty of the area, we decided to write our Representatives in Washington. We urge you also to tell your elected officials to keep our public lands public and protect American treasures like Rio Grande Del Norte! 

Letter to Senator Gardner - Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument