Pro Deal Instructions

Do you qualify for or Pro Deal? Great! We look forward to providing you with awesome food for your adventures. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Create FishSki Account: See the little person icon in the top right corner of the FishSki website? Click that.
  2. FishSki Login: Don't do this, you don't have an account yet. Click the link below that says "Create Account".
  3. Create Account: Please enter first and last name. In the Pro Deal Reference field please provide the name of the your pro deal affiliation. Then add email, password, and click create.
  4. Confirmation: After we check your account we will notify you that everything is set to go!

Thank you for buying FishSki! We aim to make this process as smooth as possible, so if at any time you have a question, please reach out to us at


Thank you,

Rob and Tania