Preppers and Survivalism

Are you preparing for a disaster? SHTF scenarios? Off grid?

Designed with the worst in mind

FishSki Provisions improves upon boxed mac and cheese and gross "space an" dehydrated camping meals. We also wanted our recipe and packaging to facilitate easy use, be portable and pack-able, shelf stable, and weather resistant.


We own an airstream that sits on our land in Taos, NM. It is very much off the grid. We have solar electricity, no internet, and no running water. So how do we stock our pantry? With our own FishSki Macaroni and Cheese of course!

Airstream Taos New Mexico

FishSki admits, we are not preppers or survivalists. Although, we think about it often with our friends Shannon and Kathleen. We have thought about it enough where we have planned our escape route from Boulder to the Taos property if disaster were to strike (sorry we're not sharing those plans).

Kathleen and Tania also admit that husbands Shannon and Rob are pretty good people to know if that day comes. They are both handy with construction, they both have the green thumb, and they both are experienced hunters. Don't worry, Kathleen and Tania offer great assistance to the above categories but focus more on entertainment, cocktail making, and education.

For Serious Preppers & Survivalists

For those who are serious preppers and survivalists, we aim to provide a mac and cheese that has a long shelf life so that you can eat something delicious when the world has come to an end. Our air dried macaroni and cheese is packed in a poly bag for extended shelf life. Rob previously worked in remote fishing camps and picked the bag material based on "bush life".

FishSki Mac and Cheese Packaging - Poly Bag

Since we only started packing a little over a year ago, we are still investigating the true shelf life of our products (and it might be a while before we have the facts). If you are prepping your perfect escape, try FishSki out. It might just be the right treat for you and your family. 

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