FishSki's Christmas Macaroni and Cheese Special set of 12

Christmas Special Box - 12 Red Chile and Green Chile Holiday Bags, 6 of each

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In New Mexico and Colorado it can be Christmas any time. In fact in New Mexico the official state question is red or green? The correct answer is most often Christmas: half red and half green chile.

Share some Christmas Hatch chile mac and cheese with your loved ones this year. This box of FishSki includes twelve 6 oz bags of FishSki: 6 red and 6 green chile mac and cheese tied in pairs with holiday bows, stationary attached to the paired bags for you to write a holiday message. This is the perfect box for giving FishSki in person this season. Check out the $10 Christmas Special if you want us to mail a gift and note directly.

To make our mac and cheese all you need to do is boil 2 cups of water with the pasta and peppers. When all the water is absorbed, add the cheese and spice mix and stir vigorously.

ORDER BEFORE DECEMBER 21st for DELIVERY BEFORE CHRISTMAS, all orders after the 21st will ship in 2019. Happy Holidays!