Closer to Hatch Chile

If you haven't realized it yet, FishSki Provisions is inspired by the incredible flavors from the New Mexico culture. So setting up a secondary home in our "favorite state" gives us direct access to inspiration and the Hatch Chile gold we love so much.

In May we purchased a vintage Airstream, beautiful, big and empty. That's right, we bought it gutted. We then spent the next six months turning the tin shell into a small home to park on our 42 acres in Taos, NM.

Here is our journey. We did it all, everything from insulation, to electric, to the wallpaper touches. We share this with you, our FishSki fans, to show our driving love for making life the adventure you want it to be. Don't worry we ate delicious food along the way, and never ceased our progress on FishSki during construction.

Foam insulation was harder than expected due to temperature issues.Airstream foam insulation

Had to use masonite board so the walls would curve with the Airstream.
Airstream walls go up

Walls are up and sealed.
Airstream walls are up and sealed

We added heated flooring for a glampy touch!
Airstream foam floors

Cabinets from Ikea in the green foam color.
Airstream cabinets and spaces forming

Wallpaper for main space is applied with ease thanks to vinyl sticky back.
Airstream cactus wallpaper applied

The propane hookup was a success! Stove and furnace work great.
Airstream propane is working
Lights on!
Airstream let there be light

Driving it down ended up a breeze and a blast thanks to our friends Chad and Brittany.
Airstream delivering it home

So after six months work you're probably asking, what's it look like? Without further delay, please see the final airstream:

Airstream Taos, NM
Airstream banquet

Airstream wet bar, book shelf, game center.
Airstream kitchen bench folds out into a bed.
Airstream bedroom
Airstream bedroom wallpaper with fish
Airstream kitchen
Airstream St Francis painting

Thank you to all of our wonderful friends who helped get this incredible project done. You all rock. Now get ready for more Hatch inspiration from land of green chiles!